About Georgeann Carter

In addition to being a full-time licensed REALTOR®, I have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering . Because of my nature and as a result of my training, I want to know the facts and pay very close attention to detail. Your specific requirements are important to me - whether its price, location, or timing. While many real estate transactions are governed by required legalities, there are many other aspects of the process that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Making sure your needs are taken care of and making sure every aspect of your transaction is an enjoyable experience for you is how I succeed as a professional.

Education is a huge part of my background and continues to be an important aspect of my daily life. I am dedicated to being equipped to provide you with the "smartest" service available anywhere. I provide an after sales service program to both buyers and sellers which establishes a long lasting relationship based on trust.

Take a moment to consider what qualities are important to you in a trusted real estate professional and give me the opportunity to prove to you that I can exceed your expectations. Remember, success in life is rooted with making the right choices...