...when you're thinking of relocating...

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, HELP with your situation starts here! Of course, if you are moving across town, I have the expertise to sell your existing home or to locate "new" homes or properties that fit your needs very quickly and easily. By completing the information on the right, you can jumpstart the process.

If you are moving across the country, it may be more stressful for you, but it is really a very simple process. Because I have advanced education in the real estate industry, I have access to directories of other agents who are also more educated, top performers in their respective areas. By using my free services to locate these agents for you, --you leave nothing to chance-- Especially not the biggest investment you are likely to make in your entire life!

If your employer has a specific Relocation Policy or Relocation Company that they deal with, in most cases, you still have the opportunity to name the agent that you work with---either to sell your home here or buy your home there. So how do you know who is a true professional and who is not? That's where I can help. I would love to meet with you personally to discuss marketing your property here, or as discussed above, I can use my resources to locate the most educated and active agent available to help you find a home in your new location.

Are you relocating to Birmingham? If you are, I hope you will take time to review my bio on this website and feel confident that your needs are my biggest motivators. You will not get smarter or better service anywhere else!!

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